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90/90 Rule, Urban Planners and eBikes!

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Yes, these are all tied together. Lets go through each one.

The 90/90 Rule is a Auto Industry term that means 90 Percent of the Cars SIT 90% of the Time. That means that only 10% of the the time the car is being used for an errand or a trip. Wow!

Uber has purchased an eBike company and we posted about this here. The CEO had a great statement that is consistent with the cars sitting. He states a car is a Poor use of Your Financial Assets when a car is the second highest expense you have next to where you live, and it sits most of the time unused. Related, your Carbon Footprint we posted about has a significant piece made up by how you transport yourself.

Because these cars are sitting a lot, and there is a major shift to Urban Living, this is already becoming a major problem in any medium sized city or larger. Urban Planners are concerned about the strain all the cars have now and in the future on the city centers. The transition from Mass Car Ownership over time is actually going to improve strained city centers over time by freeing up the parking spaces needed. This will help make downtowns less dense and more livable!

eBikes! They are a New Product Category in the United States. These are not ‘electrified’ bicycles (at least the eBikes we represent), but are instead Vehicles. Of course there are form factors of eBikes that are nothing but fun and recreational, but the Urban, Cargo and Folding ebikes provide a solution for the missing method for rising urban population needs and diminishing car usage.

eBikes are already transforming cities and their residents all over the world!

eBike Central is founded on the premise of making a difference with our customers and the environment.

We are taking cars off the road! We actually have helped replace cars completely with one of the most Environmentally Friendly modes of transportation.

Come test and buy one of these incredible vehicles!

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