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Drive, Walk or eBike, what is the best errand runner!

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Bosch eBike SystemsWe love our partners at Bosch eBike Systems.

They just won another Innovation Award at the Largest Cycling Show in North America held just last week in Reno, NV. Congratulations on being recognized for their incredible eBike Battery Technology, and the award winning Powetube.

We have Three Brands that all use all variations of their systems. The Bosch eBike Systems is a focus of our company because it provides Durable, Reliable and Dependable product. Our three favorite words when it comes to describing the products we offer.

Today Bosch eBike Systems posted a challenge to have a Driver, Walker and Rider compete against each other to simply see what is the fastest, most efficient, not out of breath method for traversing an average distance for a city errand during Rush Hour in traffic.

Enjoy the Video showing the Actual Challenge.

We are also close partners with our incredible Bosch-based eBike Manufacturers Riese and MullerBulls eBike and Tern.

Get out and FEEL THE FLOW. Come test and buy one of these incredible vehicles!

And here is our line up:

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