Bulls eBikes and the Police!

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Bulls ebikes for the EMS and PoliceNo, Bulls eBikes are not in trouble with the Police. They are supplying eBikes to help support the Police!

It is a no brainer to use eBikes in Emergency Services. The main reason is that they are already using bicycles to patrol and respond because the two wheeled, pedaled vehicle is the safest way to move quickly through city streets and trails. Its these paths that lead to either the actual accident or a way to get to the accident quicker.

Bulls eBikes for the LAPD Police

LAPD Police Chief Charlie Beck unveils their first fleet of electric bicycles to enhance patrols. ©Tony Donaldson/tdphoto.com

Cars just are not as flexible in urban environments where Parks and Venues are hundreds of yards away from streets and car park areas. Bicycles can cover the street, path and ride right up to the situation.

eBikes, providing an advantage of traditional bicycles, are then the obvious upgrade to any Emergency Services (EMS) using bicycles. Not only can they replace a traditional bicycle, and eBike can also replace a Gas Powered vehicle like a four wheeler or larger SUV buggy type vehicle.

Gas Powered vehicles have the main overhead of producing a lot of NOISE and Pollution! Not great when there are now more and more great alternatives.

Bulls eBikes is producing several models that fit perfectly into a Urban or Off Road use case for EMS.

Los Angeles ABC Channel 7 captured the announcement recently: http://abc7.com/3623478/ 

Bulls eBikes for the LAPDHere are the specific Bosch eBike Motor System based models that have been tested and are in use by EMS:

  • Bulls E 2 Street
    The E 2 Street is a Class 3, 28 mph, eBike based on a Frame optimized for Street yes with All Terrain Tires, Fenders and Lights for all weather night riding. This is the LAPD Police eBike.
  • Bulls TR Street
    The TR Street is a Fully Suspended, Class 3, 28 mph, eBike that has smoother tread tires then the E 2 Street. This is a street and paved path eBike. Full Suspension is safer with the tires in more contact with the pavement.
  • Bulls Six50+ 1.5
    The Six50+ 1.5 is a hardtail electric mountain bike, or eMTB. This is a Class 1, 20 mph, eBike for use mainly off road with nobby tires, but can also be used on the street or paved paths.
  • Bulls Six50+ FS 2
    The Six50+ 1.5 is a full suspension electric mountain bike, or eMTB. This is a Class 1, 20 mph, eBike for use mainly off road with nobby tires, but can also be used on the street or paved paths.

Bulls eBikes for the LAPDWe are working with the EMS to have long term tests to see exactly which eBikes work the best for their use case. We have over 100 models available from our six partner brands. These include:

The coolest part of this for our customers is that you can ride the same incredible eBikes being ridden by the the same men and women working every day to protect and save lives!

Bulls ebikes for the Police

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