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The Joyful Trail Flow

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Bosch eBike Systems and the Performance Line CX eBike Motor on a eMTB is described as the ‘Joyful Trail Flow.’

This is mainly due to the four levels of assist you can choose from when riding a Bosch based eBike. Eco, Tour, eMTB and Turbo modes. (See below)

Have no fear with eBike where it is very difficult to get past, you have a 50/50 chance of coming off a traditional bike, or you know you will have to get off to walk a traditional MTB up the hill.

A eMTB can be safer to ride in general because it reduces the chances you will take on a traditional bike. Up hill, you are hopping on and off your traditional MTB less. Down hill, you have the best Hydraulic Disc brakes with up to 210 mm discs, front and rear. Two fingered, full power braking.

Some of our staff competed in the 1990’s on traditional MTBs. A GT RTS-1 from 1993 has surfaced from the staff, among other MTBs.Full Suspension, Shimano XTR components, it is quite a bike. A Specialized StumpJumper FS has also shown up. We also have two traditional Bulls MTBs on hand as a tribute to their Championship winning MTB team, who tests all the eMTBs as well.

Bulls AM 4 Bosch eBike, Performance Line CX

Bulls SIX50 EVO AM 4

Couple of the staff also built some of the trails around Greensboro in the 1990’s

We get traditional Mountain Biking, which is why we are so excited about electric Mountain Biking. There will be more trails in the future for all to enjoy!

Bosch adds that additional assist, that you can select from. None all the way to Turbo. Of course, no assist is needed going down hills. And the assist only helps up to 20 mph, but no one is going 20 mph up hill. So, it is only on a stretch of flat area that that an eMTB could hit full speed assist. Trails and terrain limit speeds automatically or risk injury. Same as a traditional MTB.

So if you are not already riding a eMTB powered by Bosch, then you need to come in and test one!

We carry Riese and Muller and Bulls Bosch based Off Road eBikes. Bulls has a full line of eMTBs with different component levels to fit your budget.

Contact us to arrange a eMTB demo.

eBike Central offers these brands for you! Come in and experience one for your use case.

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Bosch eBike Systems Uphill Flow

Riese and Muller Delite Mountain

Riese and Muller Delite Mountain