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The eBike Numbers are AMAZING!

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Here are some recent numbers and facts on eBikes:

  • More than 250 million ebikes in use world wide, every day.
  • About one million ebikes in USA garages and on the roads.
  • 10 million in Europe.
  • Sales this year will approach 40 million units, world wide.
  • More than 650 brands of ebikes world wide.
  • Nearly 300 brands of ebikes offered in the USA!
  • 95 companies that offer [motors] or some part the propulsion system.
  • Google nearly any car maker and “electric bike” and learn that they have one, or plan to have one, or maybe – had one.
  • Number of dock type and dock – less systems is expanding faster that we can keep track.
  • Millions of customers (and potentially hundreds of millions) that would never buy or use a conventional bicycle.
  • Aging populations in the west are finding ebikes can extend one’s mountain biking years.
  • Millennials are finding ebikes useful and economical “sweat free” transportation.
  • Dense cites (more and more humans life in such cities) require two wheel transport, that ebikes provide very well.
  • ebikes and e-motorcycles will replace most bicycle purchases, and nearly all light motorcycle purchases.

Source: EV World 1998-1018; So Many eBike Brands!, Jun 08, 2018

See why the numbers are so staggering!

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