Soda City Market, Columbia SC

Columbia and the Soda City Market!

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We were on Main Street in Columbia South Carolina last Saturday from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm for our regular presentation of some of the best eBikes available anywhere at the one-of-a-kind Soda City Market!

It feels great to represent such a great line of eBikes from our fantastic partner companies:

We always have a mixture of all types of people, mainly because the Soda City Market attracts all types to the diversity of the Handcrafted items.

There is everything from Artworks, Clothing, Flowers, Plants, Food, Drinks, Music Performers and of course eBikes!

We are creating an Alternate Lifestyle with the eBikes we sell and service!

This is an enabling technology and can be transformative to your lifestyle. Any first riders of our eBikes are amazed and shout out Wow when pedaling away for the first time!

You have to come in and check these eBikes out! Or better yet, come to Main Street on Saturday mornings to Demo the eBikes and see all the wonderful vendors’ hand made items!

See you at Soda City Market, Columbia, SC, Saturdays 9-1! 

eBike Central - Soda City Market, Columbia SC


Or come in one of our three stores. The Columbia store opens July 2.

Contact us for your eBike Demo Ride and Purchase! Call Us: (888)-876-6473.

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