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Explore your City with an eBike!

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Explore your own city with an eBike!

That is a favorite saying of ours. All those roads and areas you always wondered about. Most of them are accessible with an eBike for exploring. Fun!

One of the top reasons to get an eBike is that you can go longer distances. Thats how we came up with our Tag Line, Pedal Farther – Faster.

Bulls eBikesThe sustained speeds of an eBike are realized now only normally on Downhill but surprisingly on Uphills. One of the top comments when using an eBike is that it ‘flattens out the hills’. We love that comment. Young or Old, that is always a good thing. It simply gives saves your energy for longer riders, or being able to ride at all.

Explore your city starting with your own neighborhood. Have you ever driven down all the main streets in your neighborhood. You will be surprised at what is around the corner.

Branch out but riding and covering different areas of your city. If you average 10-15 Mph on an eBike, it is not hard to ride across town and back. Make a point to ride to each of the major Public Parks that your city offers. Go ride around your downtown on a Sunday morning. You can add in a little window shopping!

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Our goal is to support an ebike lifestyle based on a product that is reliable and durable to enjoy those experiences for years to come!

Let us know how you explore your city or area with an eBike!

We carry the leading brands Bulls eBikes, Easy Motion, GoCycle, Riese and Muller, Tern and Surface604.

See you in our Greensboro or Durham stores! Columbia SC opens on July 2.

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