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eBikes are like using a Smartphone!

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eBike Central - Bosh eBike SystemsMy close friend, Andrew, has been using the analogy ‘eBikes are like going from an Analog Phone to a Smartphone.’

Do you remember Analog Phones? Or even the Blackberry?

Not really, because Smartphones pushed all these out due to the genuine advantage they provide.

eBikes are the same thing to Traditional Bicycles.

eBikes are hyper-sophisticated and have reached a sweet spot now in their development. They are very easy to use. Like a Smartphone, eBikes provide enhancements to the fundamental aspect of pedaling a two wheeled vehicle.

In fact, having more options than a traditional bicycle makes them way better. Every aspect of a premium engineered eBike is better then a traditional bicycle including all major parts: Frame, Wheels, Brakes and Suspension.

Most parts now optimized for eBikes for a more substantial, longer lasting product. Truly a vehicle approach, not a bicycle.

Note, Bosch actually makes the sensors that are in the iPhone, detecting rotation of the device.

eBike Central - Yamaha eBike SystemsAndrew is right, there are so many more options with an eBike then a traditional bike while maintaining all the features of a traditional bicycle.

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