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Bulls eMTBs perform at the highest level!

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We selected Bulls eBikes simply because they are among the best quality, most durable and most reputable eBike lines available anywhere!

Their Electric Mountain Bikes, or eMTBs, are tested by their successful competition team, Team Bulls!

eBike Central is a Premium Level partner with Bulls North America. The company has an incredible, dedicated group of people that oversee all the U.S. operations out of California. From Manufacturing, Shipping, Assembling, Fitting and Delivery to you as a customer, there is a great group people supporting this process!

Bulls’ Electric Mountain Bikes, or eMTBs, are incredible for many reasons!

Most exciting is the fact that Bulls’ traditional, unpowered, MTB Competition Team is very successful.

Testing the Theory in Practice

In cooperation with Karl Platt & Co., the BULLS engineers developed the corresponding frame and kinematics concept that took shape in a prototype. Its shorter chain stays and longer front triangle were to meet the requirements set by the team.

A BULLS Bike often goes through a long process in development – with the target of best results for the respective area of use. The product developers at the Cologne headquarters also make use of the know-how of the pros of Team BULLS.

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The BULLS developers make use of the experience of triple Cape-Epic winner Stefan Sahm, who subjects the prototypes to a true trial by fire. Any problems in the geometry or kinematics are relentlessly exposed.

“Every new development is a very special challenge,” says Stefan Sahm. “We often find items to improve in the test rides, while we slowly build a BULLS bike developed under state-of-the-art conditions until it can finally enter production.”

Take a Test Ride today!

You can own a Bulls’ eMTB by contacting us! We have several Demo Models available to test the eBikes on the Trail. We meet different groups of riders at local Mountain Bike Trails to test the eMTB Demo Models in real world settings.

We really want you to see and feel how great the eBikes are that we offer from Bulls eBikes, Easy Motion, GoCycle, Riese and Muller, Surface604 and Tern. The Urban eBikes are equally impressive.

Our Product offering has over 40 eMTBs available including Hardtail, Full Suspension and Fat Tire options. We also offer Bosch, Brose, Yamaha, Shimano and Bafang eBike Motor Systems. We are certified on these systems as well to ensure you get the best support possible. The Motor systems are very durable and rarely have issues.

We have the newest Brose S and Yamaha PWX motor systems available in the newest models from Bulls eBikes and Easy Motion.

Bulls offers the widest selection of eMTBs and choices. You can choose between Hardtail or Full Suspension with travel length options. You then choose your motor type, Bosch, Brose or Shimano. Then you can pick from 2-3 levels of components. That is a customized product just for you!

See you in our Greensboro or Durham stores! Columbia SC opens on July 2.

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