Mammoth Park CA and U.S. Forestry Service approves eMTBs in national wilderness area!

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eBike Central - Bulls eBikeWow, thats a big headline.

Yes, it has been a great year for electronic Mountain Bikes (eMTB) in the United States.

What is a Class 1 eMTB?
Class 1 eMTB is a specific classification for sustainable use on any trail, path or riding area. Class 1 eMTB models are defined as “a bicycle with fully operable pedals, and an electric motor under 750 Watts peak power that must be pedaled to activate the motor and that ceases to provide power above 20 mph.”

eMTBs in Europe
eMTBs have been very popular and trending in Europe. Nearly all the major parks in Europe have some level of access for eMTBs. It has made the parks a lot more popular and accessible. eBikes give an advantage with eMTBs on flat, slight uphill and extreme climb terrain. Of course, it gives no advantage downhill. The additional weight of the eMTB can provide stability and give additional grip as the tires dig in. Single track, light weight traditional bikes and some eBikes continue to excel.

eBike Central - eMTBs

eMTBs in the U.S.
Two major events have happened within the last eight months or so.

  1. IMBA – International Mountain Bike Association changed its stance in October 2017, where it has now accepted Class 1 eMTBs as recognized class of Mountain Bikes.
  2. Mammoth Park and USFS have approved the use of Class 1 eMTBs on designated trails. This does not mean all over the Park, but gives access to some great trails in a National Forest, wow!

These two major items and the now 10 States that have passed the formal 3-Class eBike laws are setting the stage for the rest of the country to fall in line.

We are working hard ourselves, meeting with City and State leaders, talking with People for Bikes and trying to get a conversation going about eBikes in North Carolina.

As an eBike Owner and Rider, you can do your part by riding smart, being courtesy and looking out for other riders, walkers and runners. We all have the share the road, and trails!

Stay tuned as eBikes make there way into all places that traditional bikes have enjoyed.

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