Focus on the Fleet – Surface604 eBikes

JoeSurface604 eBikes

eBike Central - Surface604 eBikesSurface604 starts with the name of the company. 604 is the Area Code for the region where the company is located. They product four products that are designed to provide a solution for riding on the ‘surfaces’ in this area.

The owners are eBike riders and this really helps when putting together a very economical and durable product. These are all rear hub motor systems and are Class 2 eBikes.

The custom frame design integrates the battery very well. The Components provide a very easy to use, durable system. The Bafang ebike motor system includes their display system with all the key information including a Battery Percentage level.


The Bafang rear hub motor is very powerful and offers a throttle option when not able to pedal. These eBikes are being targeted at customers that are price conscience, need a throttle option for physical limitations and may be focused on their Hunter ebike as a unique solution (no noise, no odor).