eBike Central is Bosch Certified and Brose Certified

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eBike Central - Bosch eBike Motor System Certified TechnicianThis is one of the main reasons I chose certain brands we carry.

Riese and Muller, Bulls eBikes and Tern all use the Bosch eBike Motor Systems.

Bulls eBikes and Easy Motion both use the Brose eBike Motor Systems.

eBike Central is focused on providing Service as a major consideration to Customers when considering any Electric Bicycle or eBike. With over 150 eBike products available in the United States today, how would anyone every filter through that group of products.

I was an eBike rider at one time last fall, before I owned an eBike retail company. The eBike I was riding was a $4,600.00 retail Bosch-based trekking eBike that I had to purchase from a dealer several states away, and it had to be shipped. I assembled it, which was ok since I am familiar with building up a bicycle.

Once I rode it, a hard slam the ebike took over uneven pavement caused the motor to click and creak the rest of the ride. I freaked out because I had no idea where to get it serviced, having shipped it into an area where ebikes were not common (yet). Luckily the next day the motor did not make the noise again.

eBike Central - Bosch eBike Motor System Certified Service CenterMy background in overseeing service work in the high end I.T. equipment industry, was central to our Customer Experience sales process. This is where we First, give the customer the confidence that the product is of the highest quality available anywhere. Second, we bring up the Service and Maintenance as part of the sales process to give the highest confidence that the quality of the product will minimize services issues. When there are issues, we are certified on the motor systems and work closely with the eBike Manufacturers.

Central to the Service we provide is our certifications we have on the eBike Mid Drive Motor Systems. These certifications are provided direct from the eBike Manufacturers or the eBike Motor Manufacturers.

  • Bulls – Bosch, Brose, Shimano
  • Easy Motion – Brose, Yamaha
  • Riese and Muller – Bosch
  • Tern – Bosch

We are Bosch Certified and Brose Certified. Our employees that work on our customers’ ebikes are called Technicians because theirs skills include computer, electrical and motor experience when supporting the products. We are completing our Yamaha certification and Shimano Certification shortly.

If you do not already own an eBike with one of these top Mid Drive Motor Systems, then come demo and buy one from eBike Central. We look forward to supporting your new eBike.

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eBike Central - Bosch Certified