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We have been overwhelmed with building our Demo Fleet, receiving Inventory and getting the first Two Stores opened. Greensboro is open now. Durham will open within two weeks, prepping it now!

I couldn’t be more excited then to have the world class brands we have to sell and service.

It wasn’t easy to get to this point. I continue to learn about all the eBike products that are available within the United States right now. I had originally thought it was over 75, then over 100, but now through my contacts I learn there are over 150 products on the market.

Our focus is on the Highest Quality, Premium Brand eBikes. This is centered around our technical staff being Certified on the Motor Systems that power our eBikes.

eBike Central Demo Fleet - Riese and Muller, Bulls eBikes, Easy Motion eBikes, Surface604 eBikes, Tern eBikes

Riese and Muller is using exclusively the Bosch Motor System. These eBikes are custom designed and take full advantage of the motor system.

Bulls offers the widest range of Mid-drive motors. They have ebikes with the Bosch, Brose and Shimano motor systems. This unique to Bulls who provides over 40 models of Road and Off Road eBikes. Unique is the ability to choose a style of eBike and choice of motors on several models.

Easy Motion also provides a wide range of motor types. They offer eBikes with the Yamaha, Brose and Dapoo systems. The Yamaha and Brose are top of the line mid-drive systems. The Dapoo system is a rear hub drive that provides a Class 2 eBike option.

Surface604 has four models and utilizes the Bafang rear drive motor system. This is a provide system that also offers a Class 2 setup.

Tern has three models we offer. All three are mid-drive systems, two are Bosch and one is Bafang.

We are Bosch Certified and Brose Certified now. We are utilizing laptop computers to connect to these eBikes and make sure everything is ready to go. Lets ride!

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